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Ways to Prepare for Retirement in Your Forties

There are some people that do not even think about retirement and how they are going to live on their retirement benefits until they are in their forties because when they are in their twenties and thirties retirement seems so far away. By the time they reach their forties they start to realize that in twenty-five years or so they are going to be ready to retire and enjoy life and the thought hits them as to how are they [...]

The Credit Card Fees We All Hate…

David Lazarus explains credit card fees in a way even I can really understand…  I didn’t know the loophole the gas stations are using, and I think they should ban this asap. Seriously. Keep in mind though, this is only for the state of California…

The Impact of the Financial Crises in American Families

The financial crisis in 2011 has affected the American families in so many different ways from having to downside where they are currently living to having to relocate for a job and everything in between. The poverty level has hit an all time high here in the United States. With 2011 not being over it is hard to tell what the poverty level will be when 2012 makes its appearance, but in 2010 there were almost forty-six million people that [...]

Dave talking more sense…

But I mean… Food on the food envelope?

Dave Ramsey Makes Some Sense…

Dave is a shocker – but this time – he does make quite a bit of sense… The “that’s what millionaires say” is pretty stupid though, and does take away some of the legitimacy of this video, but hey, I’m assuming most of you are smart enough to see through that…

How to Start a College Fund for Your Teenager

Going to college is expensive and the years go by it is going to get more expensive. The best way to start saving for your teenager’s college fund is to start when they are babies. Many banks have programs that are like a savings account that you can deposit money into, but it is called a college fund. There is an insurance policy that you can get and when the child turns eighteen they can either continue the policy or [...]

Five tips to battle foreclosure

There are so many problems with foreclosure due to our recent recession. People simply do not have the money that is needed to take care of their homes. This could be because they have lost their job, had their hours cut, or are simply not able to afford the variable rate mortgages that they initially thought were a good idea. Luckily, there is some hope for the future. There are many ways that you can find to help you get [...]

Simple & Easy: How to Become an Accountant

Well, I became one – so why shouldn’t you. I’m not a huge ehow fan – but this video is pretty straightforward and correct.

Money Risk Management in Trading

Joseph Barrington-Lew talks about money management and risk assessment for beginner and expert traders…